Spring 2010 UNL Designs

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                             glo-calizing Boone County:

 gathering in St. Edward
 performing in Albion
shopping in Petersburg
While Professor Despang’s first semester approach allowed the students to select projects on their own, in his second semester he focused on three specific needs in Boone County:  the need for a new community center in St. Edward; the need for a joint school/community performing arts center in Albion; and the need for a new grocery store/grocery warehouse in Petersburg.

Each student developed a design for each community, again focusing on sustainability, affordability and utilization of locally-available materials, giving the communities a number of options to choose from.  As in the first semester, each student approached the projects with the benefits of new buildings to the community first and foremost in their plans.

At the end of the semester the students’ models were displayed in the lobby of the Wells Fargo bank building in downtown Lincoln.  After a month there, the models were brought to Boone County where they were displayed locally and at the Boone County Fair.  

 Fair Display


From the left, front row, Athony Colman, Casey Painter, Aaron Wong,  Craig Weflen; middle row, Michelle Morehead, Sean Cobb, Tyson Fiscus, Benton Cooper; back row, Seth Carlock, Alex Stotz, Lucas Fiegen, Parker Edick, Ben Hovland. 

Introduction to Course

News Articles

Exploring the community’s history at the St. Edward Library

Gathering in St. Edward

3rd & Beaver Street

Sean Cobb 1

Lucas Fiegen 1

Michelle Morehead 1

Aaron Wong 1

5th & Main Street

Project organizer Paul Hosford showing state senator Kate Sullivan a book of student designs.

Project organizer Paul Hosford showing state senator Kate Sullivan a book of student designs.

Nick Grimit 1

Craig Weflen 1
11th & Lafayette Street

Benton Cooper 1

Parker Edick 1

Tyson Ficus 1

Ben Hovland 1

Casey Painter 1

Alex Stotz 1

West on Hwy 39

Seth Carlock 1

Performing in Albion

Arrival in Albion

Seth Carlock 2

Sean Cobb 2

Benton Cooper 2

Parker Edick 2

Lucas Fiegen 2

Tyson Fiscus 2

Nick Grimit 2

Albion Review

Ben Hovland 2

Michelle Morehead 2

Casey Painter 2

 Alex Stotz 2

Craig Weflen 2

Aaron Wong 2

Shopping in Petersburg

2nd & Main Street

Seth Carlock 3

Benton Cooper 3

Parker Edick 3

Lucus Fiegen 3

Nick Grimit 3

Ben Hovland 3

 Michelle Morehead 3

Casey Painter 3

Hwy 14 & Leona Ave

Alex Stotz 3

Craig Weflen 3

Wells Fargo Display

Sean Cobb helping with Wells Fargo display